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New e-mail preferences

November 10, 2011

We’ve created a granular settings page so that you can manage your e-mail preferences and only get the notices that you want. You can access the new page from the Settings Page by clicking the “Manage e-mail preferences” link.

You’ll then be brought to the E-mail Settings Page, where you’ll be presented with your options for e-mail notifications. This way, you can opt in and out of the different types of e-mails so that you only get information you care about.

Here’s a breakdown of the categories:

  • User Notifications: These are the e-mails sent because of another user’s actions, such as sharing a page with you.
  • Critical Updates: Any important information about scrible would be sent out as a Critical Update email. This includes things like service downtime and changes or major updates.
  • Product Announcements: Information regarding updates, upgrades and new features introduced to scrible.
  • Marketing Announcements: News about scrible, such as partnering with another product or awards and press mentions we’ve earned.  Also, news aboutevents we host or attend as well as special offers provided directly by us.
  • Partner News: News and offers about and from any partners that we work with.
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