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scrible gets context

January 21, 2012

Hello scrible users! If you’ve done some annotating lately, you’ve likely come across a new feature – the Context Menu. Before, if you hovered over an annotation, a red X would show up at the top left corner of the annotation so that you could delete that annotation.

Now, there will be an icon representing the current annotation instead of the red X. So for a yellow highlight, it will look like this:

Clicking this icon will reveal our new feature, the Context Menu. This Menu is where you’ll now find the delete option, as well as other useful features. For instance, you can now change the color of a highlight, note, or text-color annotation from this menu. Or, if you want to add some additional info, you can anchor a new note to the annotation.

As we continue to add features to scrible, this Menu will give you a quick and convenient way to interact with your annotations and get the most out of your curated content. If you haven’t checked this feature out yet, go give it a whirl! If you’ve already played with it, we would love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve way the world interacts with the web.

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