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scrible shares better

January 23, 2012

You’ve probably noticed that scrible’s had some major changes lately.  We’ve been hard at work implementing improvements based on your feedback.  Here’s a list of the changes, followed by the details:

  • Publicly sharable URLs
  • Permalinks
  • Share multiple pages
  • Shortcuts

Publicly sharable URLs:  One big thing we heard from you was that you wanted to share your saved pages more freely (via blogs, Facebook and Twitter).  Previously, if you copied the URL of a saved page from your Library into a Tweet or Facebook or blog post, no one else could view it because they weren’t logged in as you.  The URL of the saved page was private and limited to you.  Now, such URLs are open and accessible so they’re more easily sharable.  Dont’ worry; they’re not discoverable.  So, unless you explicitly provide the URL of the saved page, no one should be able to find it.

Permalinks:  We’ve added a permalink option so you can easily generate and copy a permalink to the page.  Just look for the following Permalink Button in the scrible Toolbar:

When you click it, the system’ll work for a moment and then display the following Permalink Window with a permalink you can copy and paste into a blog or Facebook post or Tweet:

Share multiple pages:  You can now share multiple pages at once from your Library.  Just select the pages you want to share and then click the Share Button atop the Library.

Shortcuts:  Encounter an interesting scribled page you’d like to keep tabs on?  Add a shortcut to it in your Library by selecting the Create Shortcut option under the Save Menu.

You can assign your own Page Name, Comments, and Tags for this page and you’ll be able to find it in searches of your Library just like any page you’ve saved.  When someone shares a page with via scrible, a Shortcut to that page will automatically be added to your Library.  Shortcuts don’t use any of your storage quota.

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