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Turbo Button

February 15, 2012

Now were iz dat turbo button?

Ok… Who remembers the Turbo Button on the old computers that would magically change the speed of your computer on the fly?  It was great.  You’d notice your computer was running really slowly and you’re sure it should be faster… and wha-laa you’d discover that somehow the turbo button had gotten turned off.  Change it back and you got an instant speed boost.

We’d been noticing lately that our site wasn’t performing the way we felt it should.  While investigating this, we reviewed the settings on our database and found a few configuration values which defaulted to something more appropriate for computers of the x486 era (the ones that had turbo buttons).  After adjusting these to values appropriate for a modern server, we’ve seen around a 5x increase in site performance.  Always nice to get a speed boost for free.

We’re always keeping our eyes out for more ways to improve your experience.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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