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Cc for Cc-onversation Cc-larity

February 18, 2012

Imagine that you get the following Share Email from your friend Robert:

“This article relates to our conversation last night.  Please see my green notes for my thoughts on the matter.”

You have no idea what Robert’s talking about.  You didn’t even talk to him last night.  You look at the “To” field of the email and see that your mutual friend Loic is on the email as well.  Was Robert directing this annotated article to Loic or you??

Turns out that Robert’s message was directed at Loic, but he also included you in on the shared page because he thought you’d be interested as well.

In the world of email, the “Cc” (Carbon copy) field is used to avoid this confusion because the primary recipient of a message appears in the “To” field and secondary recipients appear in the Cc field.  So, everyone receiving the email knows who the email was directed at and who’s just along for the ride.

In the same spirit of clarity, we just added a Cc option for pages shared via email using scrible.  This is useful in case you want to Cc a separate set of people on the Share Email than the ones you’re primarily directing the page to (i.e. the folks entered in the Recipients field in Share Window).  Here’s how to use this new feature…  Clicking the “Add Cc” link in the Share Window will pop open the CC field like so:

Fill it in just like the Recipients field and you’re ready to go. Now, everyone will receive one Share Email, with separate recipients shown in the “To” and “Cc” fields of the Share Email.  Everyone will know who you’re primarily talking to and who’s was just included to keep ’em in the loop.

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