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Edit pages straight from the library

August 1, 2012

Keeping the library feature ball rolling, we’ve also added the ability to edit page information right from your library. If you look between the checkbox and owner column for each entry, you’ll find a happy little triangle icon (delta, for the mathematicians out there) just like the one we use for editing labels.

Clicking this icon allows you to open a dialog to change the title and description of any entry straight from your library. Each of the pages above has just a title, so let’s say I want to change the description for the top page, the wiki entry for “Combat Shield.” I’d click the triangle icon for that row and be greeted with the following dialog:

I can then add whatever description I want to add, in this case I’ve left a note to myself as to why I found this article useful. After hitting submit, the dialog will close and the update will be represented in your library in realtime. So once that dialog closes, you’ll see the change you just made like so:

The process is the same if I had wanted to change the title instead, I would’ve just edited the title field. Hopefully this streamlines the process quite a bit, as before you had to load the page in order to edit these fields. This is another enhancement that came about from user requests, so please don’t be afraid to leave us feedback.

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