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shareable libraries

March 6, 2013

We think our new shareable, collaborative libraries, a feature available in our Student Edition of scrible, are important enough to get a blog post of their own, so here we are! Previously, users were limited to a single, personal library. We are now enabling the ability to maintain multiple, separate libraries and also making them more friendly for sharing.

The new libraries allow you to interact with scrible in a more meaningful way than ever before. You can now keep topics of interest separated in a more concrete fashion, with each library keeping separate saved pages and tags. For instance, all of the pages saved for a research project can all be kept in their own library, separate from the pages saved for personal use. Tags you create in reference to 16th century literature won’t get mixed in with tags for great recipes and interesting reads.

We’ve also added the ability to share entire libraries instead of only individual pages. A teacher can now collect material on a topic, and share the entire library with students through one action instead of sharing multiple links. The library is also a living entity, so as pages are added or changed, anyone with access to that library will see the updates in real time.

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_013Once you have the feature enabled, you’ll have an “Other Libraries” tab added to the top right of the main library interface. Clicking that tab will bring you to the library selection page, pictured above. Here is where you can select and manage your various libraries. The “Create New Library” will open the dialog to start a new library. The process is straight forward, just name and describe the new library and you’re all set to go. Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_014Once you’ve created the library, or click the “Manage” link, you’ll be brought to the “Manage Library” interface. There are three tabs, the first is the general tab. From here, you can edit the name and description of the library, just hover over either field and you can edit it right on the spot. This is also where to go in order to delete a library you no longer need.

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_015The second tab is used to invite others to the library. You can enter a list of email addresses, separated by commas, and give them all access to your library in one fell swoop. Once you’ve done this the invited users will show up on the next tab, “Access & Permissions.”

Other Libraries - scrible - simpler, smarter research - Mozilla Firefox_016This tab will show you all the users that have been invited and their permissions for the library. By default, invited users are set to only have “read” access. They can see the contents of the library, but cannot change, add, or delete content. The check boxes next to each name allow permissions to be set for each individual quickly and intuitively. You can also remove users entirely from the library by clicking the red “X” next to their name.

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  1. Nadia Sheikh permalink
    May 16, 2014 1:42 pm

    Is it possible to just save your notes/comments that you make? Is it possible to transfer all the comments made to another program such as eg. word?

    • May 28, 2014 9:54 pm

      Hi Nadia. Are you a student or educator? If so we can upgrade you to our Student or Instructor Editions for free – just visit sign into your account and visit .

      These editions include the ability to generate a summary view which is just your annotations (notes, highlighted text, etc.) You can easily copy and paste this into Word from there.

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