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scrible Launches New Bookmarking Service

March 20, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce our new bookmarking service!  It offers  traditional online bookmarking capabilities, but with some important twists.

Like a Search Engine for Your Slice of the Web

We do some magic behind the scenes so you can search the full text of all your bookmarked webpages. Like a search engine, we full text index those webpages so we can serve ’em up in search results when you keyword search your scrible Library. Google indexes the most popular websites and makes them easy for the World to find. We index your favorite webpages (the ones you’ve bookmarked) and make them easy for you to find.

bookmarking service as personal search engine

Part of a Platform that Lets You Do More…

This new service is integrated into our overall system, which lets you do much more with webpages and online articles (e.g. annotate them, archive them for later, etc.). So, if you want to do more with us, you can. That’s not the case with most bookmarking services.

So, you’ll now see the following new gray colored Bookmark Button in the scrible Toolbar:

bookmark button in scrible toolbar

When you click it to bookmark the page you’re on, it’ll change to a gold color and we’ll display the Bookmark dialog, which lets you add tags and comments, edit the Page Name, etc.

bookmark button in scrible toolbar and bookmark dialog v2

The Bookmark Button will appear gold whenever you revisit the page with the scrible Toolbar loaded to remind you that you’ve bookmarked the page. If you click the Button again, you can remove the bookmark and the Button reverts to gray. You can also remove the bookmark by deleting it from your Library.

…But Useful by Itself with Separate Bookmarking Tools

This new service offers a lightweight alternative to our existing approach, which is more high-touch. Sometimes, you don’t need to annotate or save an article for later. Sometimes, just grabbing the link will do. For folks who want a simple, quick way to remember their favorite sites, our new bookmarking service fits the bill. In fact, we’re rolling out a new Bookmarking Bookmarklet (today) and Bookmarking Chrome Extension (coming soon) that’ll do nothing more than save the URL… Using these new tools won’t even open the Bookmark dialog. They’ll just save the link in one click!

Import Your Bookmarks from Delicious and Your Browser   browser_logos-resize

Many of you asked us for the ability to import your bookmarks from elsewhere. Well, now you have it. Get started at our Other Tools Page. You can import from Delicious or your browser. When importing from Delicious, we retain the tags applied to each of your bookmarks and create those tags in your scrible Library.

When importing from a browser, we create a tag corresponding to each folder you used to organize your bookmarks in the browser. We then apply each tag to the corresponding bookmarks. So, for example, if in Chrome you had 3 bookmarks about travel in a folder named Italy and that folder was nested in another folder named Europe, we would create apply the tags Italy and Europe to all 3 of the bookmarks imported into your scrible Library. Also, to help you track where things are coming from, we apply a system-generated imported tag to all imported bookmarks. So, we’ve got you covered!

Let us know what you think about our new bookmarking service here.

Please spread the word and share this post via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

Thanks and enjoy!

-Us  🙂

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