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This is official blog for scrible.  We provide a Web-based service enabling people to highlight/annotate web pages and easily save, share, organize and collaborate on Internet-based research. Our goal is to revolutionize how the world works online by transforming Web-based research.

The Internet has become a widely used resource for all sorts of research (medical information, school papers, analyst reports, job hunting, etc.) at work, school and home. Yet, most of the world still uses outdated and laborious methods to annotate, organize and share research (printing to annotate by hand, copying/pasting into a doc, etc.). We aim to bring Internet-based research into the Internet Era by enabling people to annotate web pages directly in the browser and then manage that research online. scrible is useful for anyone researching anything on the Web, but particularly valuable for those who work in environments where the efficient flow and analysis of information is vital to daily work.

We’re solving hard problems in information management that people feel everyday due to the limits of Desktop Era systems. Our mission is to help humanity work smarter in the Internet Age.

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